From July 5-8, 2018, each day of the Festival will include readings, live interviews, and group forums in addition to opportunities for meditation, walks in the woods, and organic communal meals.

Weekend participants may join on Thursday or Friday evening, staying through the Sunday morning program that concludes our time together. Day passes are also available, allowing you to join us for all festival activities: 9am-9pm. Please note: as of June 5, weekend passes are no longer available. Please visit our registration page for information on day passes.

Eduardo reading and walking cropped

Some schedule details subject to change.


4-6pm  Arrival and registration

6pm   Supper and welcome

7:30pm – 9pm    Zazen meditation w/ beginning instruction for those visiting for the first time. (Day pass registration includes Thursday evening meditation.)


5:30 – 6:50am  Zazen and morning service (optional)

7:10am   Breakfast

8:45 – 9:40   Caretaking / Registration for Friday arrivals.

10 – 10:15am  Introduction to the festival

10:15 – 11:30am   David Hinton — reading + Q&A

11:30 – 12:25  Margaret Gibson — reading + Q&A moderated by Zuisei Goddard

12:30-2pm   Lunch / cleanup / rest practice

2 – 3:30pm   Jane Hirshfield workshop: Tanka poetry in form and practice

3:45 – 5pm      Chase Twichell and Hojin Kimmel workshop: Haiku with brush calligraphy. Hojin Sensei & Chase Twichell will co-lead a workshop on haiku and sumi ink. Haiku, a three-line form which evolved out of the tanka, attempts to evoke a moment of feeling intertwined with images of the physical world. After looking at examples of haiku and brush calligraphy and talking a little about the two, we’ll work to express the summer season in word and form.

5-6pm break — During break, we’ll show a video of Allen Ginsberg reading at Zen Mountain Monastery in 1990.

            Registration will be open for Friday arrivals.

6-7pm   Supper and cleanup

7:30-9pm   Zazen meditation


5:30 – 6:50am   Zazen and morning service (optional)

7:10am  Breakfast and cleanup

8:45 – 9:40   Caretaking / registration for Saturday arrivals

10 – 11:30am   Jane Hirshfield — reading + Q&A moderated by Christian McEwen

11:30 – 11:40am     Break

11:40 – 12:25  Sangha Sidebar – readings by Valerie Meiju Linet, Rakusan Moshin Ricci, and Kasey Ryoen Jueds

12:30-2pm   Lunch / meal crew / rest

2 – 3pm   Sangha House—Zen and Wilderness: a talk by David Hinton on the through line between ancient Chinese and modern American poetry. The rivers-and-mountains tradition in Chinese poetry represents the earliest and most extensive literary engagement with wilderness in human history. It is informed by the Taoist/Zen Buddhist philosophical system, wherein consciousness is woven into the tissue of the Cosmos. That philosophical system was transferred through translation to the modern American poetic avant-garde, a historical process Hinton traces in his recent anthology The Wilds of Poetry. This talk/reading grows out of that book and will explore those two interrelated poetic traditions—the ideas and the poems.

       2 – 3pm   Tent Space—Beginner’s Mind: a Poetry Workshop with Margaret Gibson    Ordinarily, we live not with things but with our ideas about things; our ideas keep us   from perceiving the things themselves.  This workshop offers an opportunity to dwell in silence and focused inquiry with an ordinary “object” and to move with it into word play and poetic expression.

3:10 – 4pm    Chase Twichell reading

4:15 – 5:30pm   Panel discussion—The Trans-personal is Political: How mindfulness of impermanence and interdependence can help shape politically and socially conscious poetry. All our featured poets will discuss writing about the relative issues of the day without losing sight of the absolute. Moderated by Chase Twichell.

5 – 6pm  Break

6 – 7pm  Supper and cleanup

7:30-9pm   Group reading by all our featured poets.

Sunday (Open to all. Festival passes not required.)

6am  Wakeup

6:45 – 7:45am  Breakfast and cleanup

7:45 – 8:45am Caretaking / break

9-9:30am  Morning liturgy service in zendo

9:30 – 11am  Zazen (optional)

9:30 – 11am Open Mic in the Sangha House – readings from the festival workshops (and beyond)

11am – 12pm Concluding talk by Shugen Arnold, Roshi, on koans and the Zen poetic tradition.

12 – 1pm  Lunch + cleanup

1pm departures